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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Special Occasion Party Favors

<-- Custom Designed Baby Shower Favors

This week has been crazy for party favors around here. All of them were for baby showers and all of them different according to what our customers needed. What fun we had making them! Maybe this economy has created another baby boom? I don't know what is was but we are grateful for the business and the opportunity to create. We also had the chance to create some scrub samples for a local salon and will be adding the sample size to our Etsy shop soon. Thank you everyone who follows and spreads the word about our business. We truly do appreciate your feed back and interest. We have taken your requests into consideration and have added a rose scented facial bar made with activated charcoal, an oatmeal lavender bar and we are adding a "Simplicity" section where you can find simple colored bars at a greatly reduced price from our more detailed bars. We have also added a wholesale/party section where you can find a number of products for your retail shop or party. Once again thank you for the follow and input. We hear and we apply what you have to say.
Oatmeal Lavender Soap