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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July Giveaway!!!

Hello soap fans and friends. We have been thinking it over and have decided to make the July giveaway 3 bars, one bar to 3 separate winners. Since our country's flag is a 3 color flag we have decided to go with good old red, white and blue. Kicking off the red we

have dragon's blood. A popular scent made of natural resins that also have been known to have healing properties when digested. Please don't eat the soap if you are a winner! For the white we have chosen clean cotton. Another super popular scent and one of our top sellers. And for the blue we have a fresh water scent that will make your bathroom sparkle with springy clean.

How to enter: You may enter as many times as you see posiible from the below:
Go to our shop by clicking here.
1. Tell us what you would like to see in a comment = 1 entry.
2. Blog about us and post the link here = 2 entries
3. Put a blurb about us on your facebook page and send us the link in a comment = 1 more entry.
4. Twitter us to your Twitter universe and post the link here too. = 1 more entry.
5. If you can think of any other way to promote us and you do, send us that link =3 entries.

You see, there is a possibility of 8 enries.
Remember if your posts generate a $15 dollar purchase from my store you get a free bar, so make sure to tell people you sent them to me. onaroll.etsy.com has already earned herself two free bars for her efforts and there wasn't even a giveaway.
Please don't forget to check back here on July 31 to see who the lucky winners will be.
All entries will be hand written and placed in a fish bowl with your user name and drawn at random.
Until then...happy posting.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sale Item the week of June 29-July 5.

All Cold Process Soap on sale. $1 off all cold process bars. That's 20% to you math whizzes. Take a look at Desert's shop. We just added Oatmeal Lavender Cold Process. Oh man! A scent you are bound to fall in love with and a Desert Soapstone original. Later this week we will be unveiling the giveaway for the month of July!!! Its getting exciting around here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Interview with Innereye

Desert Soapstone Interviews Innereye: Art and adornment from Arizona.

Q. Is Arizona your place of birth?
A. Arizona is my place of birth and I have lived in many parts of it.

Q. Have you done much travelling and if so where is your favorite destination thus far?
A. We got to go to Italy for our honeymoon which is the highlight of my travels and also the first time I was out of the country besides Mexico.

Q. What inspires you in your work?
A. I am inspired by so many things. Working in both jewelry and visual art I can use my inspirations in various ways. I am very inspired by the Southwest, its history and its people. I am inspired by adornment practices from people all over the world and how ancient the practice of adorning ourselves is. I am also interested in myths and how we can create our own based on what goes on around us...there's more but I'll leave it at that!

Q. Do you find it hard to balance a day job and your Etsy shop?
A. I find it hard to balance my day job just in that I would much rather be at home in the studio. Also there are lots of other things that take precedence in a day like yoga class and fixing dinner..

Q. You have mentioned that the Etsy Storque article series, "Quit Your Day Job" has been motivational. Is there a specific article you remember the most?
A. I think the one I remember the most is a ceramic artist who described her process as "white knuckle determination", unfortunately I can't remember her name, but I've since adopted that sentiment!
Q. What are your business goals?
A. My foremost business goals are to be able to not have another source of income besides my artwork- working artist!! Aslo I would like to have more products available such as printed blank journals, stickers,etc...
Q. We have talked about putting together an Etsy only craft show here in Prescott. Where would you like to see this going?
A. I really believe in the power of a collective because it doesn't feel so overwhelming to have to shoulder everything yourself. Ideally we will be making a profit, but the non-monetary aspects of sharing tips, networking and general support can lead to so much more.
Q. Aside from your Etsy shop, where else can my readers find you online or locally?
A. Locally I sell jewelry at Snap Snap an awesome used clothing store my friend Sadira owns on Montezuma downtown, also I sell jewelry at the Ian Russell Gallery which is located in the old Firehouse Plaza also downtown. If in Jerome you can see my visual art at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery. Also I have a blog (that needs to be updated today) www.innerarizona.blogspot.com

Monday, June 22, 2009

...And the winner is...

Cibaria is the winner of the "Blackberry Amber Soap and Samples Giveaway"! Cibaria, please go to our shop and convo us your shipping information. YAY for her and thanks to everyone who participated. We will be having another giveaway this July. Please keep us on your watch list to find out what it will be. We will also be posting many new soaps to our shop soon so keep checking back and feel free to tell a friend. If you do and they spend $15 or more in my shop before shipping you get a free bar. Onaroll has made a post about our shop on her blog and already earned herself 2 bars of soap. Thank you Onaroll.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blackberry Amber Glycerin Soap Giveaway

Look through our shop and then come back here and leave a comment under this giveaway post and tell us what you like the best. Also leave a post on your blog about this giveaway and post your blog on your comment here...that way you can advertise too. :) The lucky winner will receive a free Blackberry Amber Glycerin Soap Bar and random samples. So pass on the word and let's get this party started!
The winner will be selected on Monday, June 22 using random.org

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Artisan Look: Uniqueness in Jewelry

Pearl Vision

Recently Desert Soapstone received an order for a Gardenia Patchouli Perfume Stick. I like to check out the buyer's shops (if they have one) and I was very impressed with Artisan Look. I have to say I have not seen jewelry this unique (and rather inexpensive for the quality)in a very long time. In fact this jewelry is so unique you would expect to see it in a Sundance Catalog for 10 times the amount charged. O.k. Artisan's a million times
Because You're Worth It
better....times 2. Shhh, don't let Redford hear that. Their prices, however, are very reasonable and they will even work with you on payments, offering a generous payment plan. Although, with prices like these, you should not need it.

Below is my interview with Ev from Artisan Look.
Q. Who is Artisan Look?
Artisanlook is one of our 4 etsy shops. Artisanimpact is the name of our company and also the name of our first etsy shop artisanimpact.etsy.com
the other 2 shops are silvercrush.etsy.com and artisanfield.etsy.com

Q. Who is your target audience?
Buyers that appreciate unique handmade jewelry.

Q. I noticed from your Etsy shop profile that you travel to Israel a lot. Would you like to tell us about that?
We are 3 Israeli partners, Ilan, Oded and me,Ev. Oded and Ilan, the designers live in Israel, I moved to Montreal 3 years ago. we sell the jewelry from Montreal and divide our time between Israel and Montreal.

After Thought

Q. Where would you like to be in 5 years?
We are working on building our brand and sell in more Galleries across Canada.

Q. What brought you to Etsy and how has it been beneficial?
I heard about Etsy from a friend and decided to open a shop. We love the artists community and the marketplace is great. The buyers love our designs and we have a lot of repeat customers.

Q. What are some other ways you sell your unique jewelry?
We sell also on our own website www.artisanimpact.com and in Galleries.
My Favorite

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yard+Art=Yart Sale. This is turning into an annual Etsy thing.
It takes place June 10-14. We are participating in this great sale.
Go to our "Sale" section to claim some sweet deals!

Also for all you online sellers here are some links you may appreciate for marketing:



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunbather's Companion

Ahhh summer! One of my favorite times of year along with spring, fall and...o.k. I like them all. But summer is a very hot time in Arizona. A time for hanging out at the local pool, or like most Phoenician's: hanging out by your own pool. Time for basking in the sun and getting that all important tan. A time for Desert Soapstone's latest addition to our product line. Available only in the summer months. Sunbather's Companion. A creamy, coconut whip of all the things that your skin needs this time of year available in any of our fragrance options. To grab some of your own click here. To refer a friend click here.