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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Interview with Innereye

Desert Soapstone Interviews Innereye: Art and adornment from Arizona.

Q. Is Arizona your place of birth?
A. Arizona is my place of birth and I have lived in many parts of it.

Q. Have you done much travelling and if so where is your favorite destination thus far?
A. We got to go to Italy for our honeymoon which is the highlight of my travels and also the first time I was out of the country besides Mexico.

Q. What inspires you in your work?
A. I am inspired by so many things. Working in both jewelry and visual art I can use my inspirations in various ways. I am very inspired by the Southwest, its history and its people. I am inspired by adornment practices from people all over the world and how ancient the practice of adorning ourselves is. I am also interested in myths and how we can create our own based on what goes on around us...there's more but I'll leave it at that!

Q. Do you find it hard to balance a day job and your Etsy shop?
A. I find it hard to balance my day job just in that I would much rather be at home in the studio. Also there are lots of other things that take precedence in a day like yoga class and fixing dinner..

Q. You have mentioned that the Etsy Storque article series, "Quit Your Day Job" has been motivational. Is there a specific article you remember the most?
A. I think the one I remember the most is a ceramic artist who described her process as "white knuckle determination", unfortunately I can't remember her name, but I've since adopted that sentiment!
Q. What are your business goals?
A. My foremost business goals are to be able to not have another source of income besides my artwork- working artist!! Aslo I would like to have more products available such as printed blank journals, stickers,etc...
Q. We have talked about putting together an Etsy only craft show here in Prescott. Where would you like to see this going?
A. I really believe in the power of a collective because it doesn't feel so overwhelming to have to shoulder everything yourself. Ideally we will be making a profit, but the non-monetary aspects of sharing tips, networking and general support can lead to so much more.
Q. Aside from your Etsy shop, where else can my readers find you online or locally?
A. Locally I sell jewelry at Snap Snap an awesome used clothing store my friend Sadira owns on Montezuma downtown, also I sell jewelry at the Ian Russell Gallery which is located in the old Firehouse Plaza also downtown. If in Jerome you can see my visual art at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery. Also I have a blog (that needs to be updated today) www.innerarizona.blogspot.com

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