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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Artisan Look: Uniqueness in Jewelry

Pearl Vision

Recently Desert Soapstone received an order for a Gardenia Patchouli Perfume Stick. I like to check out the buyer's shops (if they have one) and I was very impressed with Artisan Look. I have to say I have not seen jewelry this unique (and rather inexpensive for the quality)in a very long time. In fact this jewelry is so unique you would expect to see it in a Sundance Catalog for 10 times the amount charged. O.k. Artisan's a million times
Because You're Worth It
better....times 2. Shhh, don't let Redford hear that. Their prices, however, are very reasonable and they will even work with you on payments, offering a generous payment plan. Although, with prices like these, you should not need it.

Below is my interview with Ev from Artisan Look.
Q. Who is Artisan Look?
Artisanlook is one of our 4 etsy shops. Artisanimpact is the name of our company and also the name of our first etsy shop artisanimpact.etsy.com
the other 2 shops are silvercrush.etsy.com and artisanfield.etsy.com

Q. Who is your target audience?
Buyers that appreciate unique handmade jewelry.

Q. I noticed from your Etsy shop profile that you travel to Israel a lot. Would you like to tell us about that?
We are 3 Israeli partners, Ilan, Oded and me,Ev. Oded and Ilan, the designers live in Israel, I moved to Montreal 3 years ago. we sell the jewelry from Montreal and divide our time between Israel and Montreal.

After Thought

Q. Where would you like to be in 5 years?
We are working on building our brand and sell in more Galleries across Canada.

Q. What brought you to Etsy and how has it been beneficial?
I heard about Etsy from a friend and decided to open a shop. We love the artists community and the marketplace is great. The buyers love our designs and we have a lot of repeat customers.

Q. What are some other ways you sell your unique jewelry?
We sell also on our own website www.artisanimpact.com and in Galleries.
My Favorite

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  1. that piece is my favourite too....stunning work and so original!