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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our health: Is it really safe?

Recently I have been informed about a slew of chemicals in the flu vaccine. Something that has been touted in the media as a necessity in life, has recently been shown to me to be nothing more than a detriment and a way for people to be duped into unknowingly spreading an infectious disease. Most people that receive this vaccine are oblivious to the fact that it contains such chemicals as Ethylene Glycol (vehicle antifreeze), Carbolic Acid (Toxic poison), Formaldehyde (cancer causing fluid used for embalming the dead), Aluminum (has been linked to alzheimer's disease and cancer), and Mercury (a well known heavy metal that has been linked to brain, nerve and immunity problems and has been the leading cause of autism in the U.S.). Oh, you don't believe the last one? Well, recently I was looking through a box of items belonging to my grandmother when I ran across a book marker with the face of John F. Kennedy on the top. The bottom portion of this bookmarker (a public service announcement geared toward a cure) was claiming that we needed to find the cure for autism. Interesting that this would come out a decade after vaccinations were made the norm in the 1950's and this bookmarker was being distributed shortly after Kennedy's inauguration in Januray 1961. This decade of vaccinations was enough time apparently, for the problem to become obvious, but not the cause. Maybe it is just me, but I find it infuriating to see vaccination stands set up at the local Wal-Mart knowing full well, that what these unknowing people are about to put into their bodies is nothing more than a poison designed to send them rushing into the emergency room with chronic symptoms of the flu when all they really needed to do was load up on Lemons!

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