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Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Items We Are Working On!

When I started soap making it was because I wanted to get away from synthetic and get back to nature. I have since gotten caught up in all the glamour and glory of fragrance oils, but what I really love is working with essential oils. Recently I got an order from Cecilia's Day Spa in Prescott, AZ. The owner was requesting an all natural, scented only with essential oil, line of soap to carry in her spa. So we have been soap making and soap making and also waiting for a shipment and trying to keep ends from fraying, but currently we have an all natural black tea and spice soap, honey (which we will truly only know the value of once it has cured), and these two wonderful bars, rose geranium (green) and ylang ylang (pink). We are planning a lavender goat milk soap, lavender eucalyptus aloe soap and tea tree hemp soap to add to the line. These bars will also be offered on our Etsy shop toward the end of September and when they sell, we will make more. All in all our goal is to have set items we offer continuously to our customers. We are still in product development, but getting nearer to a bottom line. Feel free to keep letting us know what you want. We have taken into consideraton the comments left since our last giveaway and will be incorporating those ideas in with our new items. Since the architecture industry is currently down, my hubby has been getting his hands into the biz. He is most creative and I just know that what he comes up with will be incredible!!!


  1. Very cool stuff. Your scents sound so yummy.

  2. It's awesome when hubby's can help with our projects. Mine's been with me and helping as he can and needs to from the get-go. I'm loving your soaps - if we ever have the money, I'ma gonna git some!