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Monday, December 27, 2010

Insanity is Insane!!!

I'm writing to tell you that hubby and I are embarking on a life changing exercise program, either designed to kill us or to make us healthier than ever! Insanity is the name of the program and it was designed by the guys over at Beach Body, the company responsible for P90X. Why am I telling you this? To give myself some accountability. Hopefully, since I am sharing this endeavor with you, I will be more likely to take the bull by the horns and not let go. Here's a pic of us now. They claim that within two months you will be in the best shape of your life. 2 months! Can I do Insanity? Will I do it? Let's hope so...


  1. So...how's it going? I just decided to start working out again myself...I finally decided the fight is worth the effort because this time it's about more than my outsides and looks. This time I am making it a matter of character, like I never have before. I am challenging myself to be an overcomer, to drop the sunshine patriot persona and fight no matter what the weather...to grow a stronger body and a stronger spirit. Even when I don't feel like it...or I should say, especially when I don't feel like it! Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Queen Lightwell, I can't agree with you more. If its a matter of outsides only, I know for me, it will never get done. It has to be about overcoming and tackling the "don't want tos" in a way that can't be stopped. Let's get on it!!! We just got over being sick and did the first video today for the first time in 2 weeks. I think I am going to consider this a "do-over" and just plow forward. Your comment is inspiring. Thank you.

  3. So a little update on the matter, ahem. We uh, haven't um, really been Insane...Yet. Uh, we had the flu, yeah, and so we are going to do it. We're gonna do it! And we...we started it. Does that count for anything?