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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Don't Sleep

I would like to sleep, but I don't. I go to bed thinking I am going to sleep and I do, for about 30 minutes. Then I am up and this is what I do. Its the quietest thing in the house. I can't make soap...too loud. I can't watch t.v....to loud. I could read, but even though I can't sleep my eyes are crossing.

Sometimes I remember back to the adolescent young thing I used to be. A time when I thought my writing was...deep, and I laugh my heineken off. I'm starting to think deep is for SCUBA diving and mud pie. I had a friend in high school who I have recently reconnected with. He wrote this long letter and I couldn't understand half of what he said in his silly attempt to be...deep. Maybe I should tell him to dig a pool? O.k. deep is really, Benjamin Franklin. That guy was deep. Half or more of our modern conveniences today were initially created by him...or discovered anyway. Winstons Churchill...He was deep. The only guy in the free world that saw the destruction being catapulted Britain's way and the only guy strong enough to give the world what for. Those people are deep. They didn't ramble (as I am doing now) they had a purpose and a point. I have admiration for their dedication to country and mankind in general. It takes real character to be someone like that! Churchill reportedly only slept 3 hours a night. If I only sleep 3 hours a night I can barely stand to sit up let alone conquer nations. Having said that I think I will give it another shot. Sleep that is, not conquering nations.

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