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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Soap Kitchen

For my buyers and my followers I thought you may be interested in the area where your soap is created. Here in my kitchen I slave away to produce the lathery goodness you all return for. O.k. so slave is a bit strong. Strive to produce maybe? Um, o.k. how about pretend to be loathing the experience, but really love it completely? O.k. that will work.
I'd like to thank my friend MacLaine of Lochbuie Scotland for the sweet soap plug. I'm glad his family has found my soap and feels it is pleasant. I would hate for the Malodorites to attack again.
Now I must get going. I have laundry to fold, orders to fill and a bed with my name on it for a 30 min. spot of rest and then back at it...

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