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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What happens when Desert Soapstone and TBS Creations unite!

Recently I ordered some bobbi pins from TBS Creations, an Etsy based shop. My purpose was to make the Tween soap I saw on the SoapQueen Blog by Anne Marie Faiola. I couldn't find any Bobbi's that would work in town and then I remembered I took the handmade pledge on Etsy so I better keep it. Once I began cyber shopping on Etsy I found a plethora of items meeting my criteria and settled on TBS Creations as they were the most visually appealing for the task at hand. Voila! This is what happens when soap meets hair thingy mobobbers and they unite. The scents are Pear Glace (green) White Ginger and Amber (purple) and Plumeria (pink and black). If you are interested in these soaps please visit Desert Soapstone. If you are a crafter that would like to combine our arts convo me from Etsy conversations or add a comment below. What can we do next??? Thanks TBS Creations!


  1. Oh wow! That's a unusual 'marriage'. I've never seen this before. A super idea!
    I love the fact your soaps are natural.

    have a nice day!


  2. Cute! These turned out great! =)

  3. That's a great idea- I think the possibilities are endless with what you can do here. and the fact that they're in simple shapes makes them even greater =-)