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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Revealing Journey of Struggle and Hope

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Dear Faithful DS Fans,
I am inspired by a woman that has used the brains our great God has given her. This woman has decided to unlock the secrets of her family's history by writing a book that hopefully, will get the attention of more than one documentary film maker. I met her while she lived next door to me and over a 5 year period, I got to hear more and more of her new finds. Her name is Terri Brahm and her family's history takes place during WWII. Like so many WWII dramas, Terri's history is a love story of hope, courage and discovery. It is written in real time format, as if the reader were the actual researcher putting together the nuggets of rich history. This family history is vital in a world full of so many lies about what has happened during WWII. Her book documents the goodbye of her grandparents; When her grandfather was taken away from her grandmother and father and turned over to Auschwitz. Her years of tracing this history have provided military documentation that she has graciously included in her book. It details amazing protection her family had received, intriguing prewar family history and a vivid portrayal of one amazing family's survival and new beginning. Terri is self publishing this book and as a result, makes no money from the sale of each copy, yet she is driven to get the truth of her family's rich history out to the world. Please, take some time to visit her blog here. And if you have the means, please help support Terri in her quest to tell the story of her family's survival of the tragedy we all know as, The Holocaust.
Information on how you can purchase a copy of this book can be found here.

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  1. Thank you Kelli for seeing the importance of keeping my story out there for the world to see. You are an incredible woman and I am proud to call you FRIEND!!! God Bless