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Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Soap Designs

I just want to thank Anne Marie at Bramble Berry for finding someone to build us these sweet Baltic Birch Molds. This frankincense and myrrh cold process olive oil soap (great for gift giving) is my latest soap design using the 36 bar mold and I couldn't be happier.

Some new designs and scents for cold process soaps are on the horizon such as:
Lemon Verbena Sea Salt Bar
Soapy Clean, which smells just like Love's Babysoft
Prickly Pear fruit soap
Pink Sugar
and more
Frankincense and myrrh soap available soon here.


  1. Looks beautiful. Let me know when the Soapy Clean is ready...My daughter LOVES Love's baby soft and we buy that every year for Christmas for her, so this bar would go perfectly in her stocking. :)

  2. For sure Luster! Should be mid November. Before black Friday for sure.

  3. Those are gorgeous bars of soap!