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Friday, January 7, 2011

Featured Artist: Luster Canyon

As a soap maker myself, I tend to have stringent standards for the soap I use. Recently I had the pleasure of using a Sweet Pea scented bar of soap from my friend Stacie at Luster Canyon. Her soap met my standards very well. Often, when I use someone else's soap and wash my face with it, I am left with a tightness that I hate, because I know once my face has dried the dryness will ensue. Not with Stacie's soap. Her lather was soft and all over the place and my skin was left feeling not only clean, but moisturized as well. Not only does her soap pass the lather and face test, but it smells divine. She uses the perfect amount of fragrance so that you can still smell the scent on your skin after the shower. Furthermore, I didn't have to use lotion after my shower to keep my skin feeling soft. Her packaging is simple yet elegant, which is perfect for gift giving.
Bravo to Stacie of Luster Canyon. May your soaping days be plentiful and profitable!

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