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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Flu is No Fun!

"Great! Now I'm getting asthma." A tiny little cough had been plaguing me for two weeks, coming and going and making me think I was allergic to something one minute and asthmatic the next. Then, after a bit of personal stress, wine and not enough sleep, it became clear that the asthma I thought I was getting, was really my body naturally fighting off the flu until finally, my tissues and limbs succumbed to the evil virus and I found myself bedridden, calling my mom to come rescue the household from imminent death. (How's that for a run on sentence?)Wow! I haven't been this sick in years. My whole body felt like it was giving up on me. Its at these moments that you begin to realize that ultimately you don't care about anything. A giant spider could cross your face in the night and you would welcome it as long as you could go back to sleep.

Needless to say, the cough got worse. The whole family got it and my mother? So far no flu for her. I am so relieved. Its miserable and her help was so much appreciated I would hate to repay her with a stint in hades, no matter how short.

As for me, I've now had it. No doubt due to the close encounters with the nice people getting the flu shot to protect themselves. I now hope that I have enough antibodies in me to keep this little cuss far away for a while. Needless to say the workout routine has been derailed, but back on the wagon we must climb! Onward and upward. Keep moving forward.


  1. Oh no, I didnt know you were still sick. poor baby!! feel better and come back strong!

  2. Ew, sorry to hear you're not feeling well! Get better soon, k?

    Remember that post you put up about Sodium Laureth Sulfate back in October? That stuff is in the weirdest places, I'll tell you. My son has ADHD and is on a couple different medications for it. When I picked up the last set of refills at the pharmacy the paperwork they gave me included listings of the medications' ingredients. Strattera has SLS in it! Yikes!

  3. Ruth, that is a whole new topic I won't be delving into as I am sure I would make a bunch of people mad. Medications contain crazy things. I listened to a seminar about it one time and almost had to leave the room. Its nice to know people are reading what I post, I suppose I should write more. hehe
    Luster- thanks for the get well wishes. I am feeling better by far from last week. :)

  4. I'm new to your blog,I stopped by yesterday and followed you but I had an emergency and couldn't leave a little note...so I'm back, I enjoyed reading your blog and the white vinegar for fabric softener is awesome...I have really sensitive skin and can't use regular fabric sofener so this is a great alternative. I hope you feel better real soon. I'm going to go look at your etsy store, have anice weekend! Jennifer

  5. Jennifer, we have the allergy issues going on in our home right now. I use the vinegar for most of the family's clothes. We are definitely better 100%. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for following, I followed back. :)