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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Introducing Exfoliate!

Our new shop Exfoliate, and why another shop:
We've been taking these internet marketing courses and we're going to test them to see if it has been worth the money. They have told us not to put all our eggs in one basket unless it all falls under the same heading. For example, if you make handmade soap, like me, and you want to be successful at marketing soap on the first page of the Google search engines, you would have to sell only handmade soap. It gets a little tricky when it gets down to properly writing the page and etc.

Anyway, we figured, since we are going all natural, why not start a site for all natural body scrubs? So we are launching Exfoliate! Bear with us while we stock the shelves of our new little endeavor to add to all the others, soap maker, mommy, wife, screenwriter...I digress. Anyway, if you love sugar scrubs, we're the place you want to visit. If you have been a customer at our other shop, then you will be happy to know, yes, we still carry scrubs, you just have to change sites (Somehow this is supposed to get our ranking up. eh. We'll see).

The good news is, if you just want a sweet and amazing salt scrub, sugar scrub or other body polish, Exfoliate is your place. You won't have to wade through mountains of soap at our other site just to find that one perfect body scrub for you. Exfoliate will be offering an array of body exfoliation...stuff (eventually), but for now, enjoy these five or maybe 10 by the time you read this. We will eventually do a post as to why exfoliation is so great for you. In the mean time, take our word for it and Exfoliate today!
Smiles and All,
Sass, The Soapstress


  1. Love it! Love the name, the look, the idea....everything. :)

  2. I recieved my soaps the other day and they are wonderful!!! the scents and the different textures are well thought out and the different colors make each bar different and it's own...I love them! I'll have to try the body scrub next! have a nice weekend, Jennifer

  3. Thank you thank you Jennifer! I am so pleased that you like your soap! We love making it so use it up that way we can make more. :)