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Monday, February 21, 2011

For Those Thinking of a No Makeup Look

Me before giving up the goop at 19 (I look much older here than without it).

About 13 years ago I threw my makeup bag away, for good, to embrace a no makeup lifestyle. The following article details the adjustments of going makeup free and hopes to encourage those of you thinking about natural beauty to take the plunge.

1. But Will Anyone Want to Marry Me?
This was the fear of taking the plunge into no makeup world while having a phone conversation with my awesome dad. "Honey, women wear makeup for other women. In all honesty, men hate it when you gals slather that gunk on your face." This was the response from the most dominant male figure in my 21 year old world. It wasn't too long after this that I realized he was right. To a young 21 year old, makeup was the way to be attractive and without the proper guidance this is the way most young women think today. That is, that being attractive on the outside is THE most important thing. Not to mention the fact that "natural beauty" is considered something you get by wearing paint on your face. I honestly blame the cosmetic industries for this societal pressure. Can I say I love, love, love the Dove campaign for natural beauty? Whoever thought of that should be handed the keys to the company.

2. Where! Are my eyes?
I remember, shortly after giving up the goop, I had begun a new job. I quickly bonded with Chrissy. The tall, blond, bombshell that had men ogling over her every move. Chrissy if you read this, I miss you! Anyway, after looking at her perfectly model-made face all day while we waited tables, we headed to the bathroom for a break. That's when I saw myself through new eyes. Wait. Where were my eyes? "I know they're here somewhere?" I thought. "I think its cool you have the confidence to do the no makeup thing," Chrissy told me as I looked crunch faced at myself. "I miss my eyes, " I said. "You just need to get used to it," she replied.

A few weeks later I had gone on a camping trip with some comrades in the no makeup, natural beauty dept. As a result I brought photos to work for Chrissy to see as I had been interested in a certain beau(now my husband)and wanted her to see a pic of him. There were lots of people pics and all women were makeup free. "These women don't have makeup on!?" Chrissy exclaimed, almost exasperated. "Not one of 'em," I told her. She continued staring at the pictures as if trying to find a flaw. "These women are beautiful!" She shouted. "I never, never would have guessed they weren't wearing makeup if I didn't know you!" She said amazed. Wow! I was amazed at her amazement.

Me after giving up the goop at 21.

3. You have to have support:
Its like anything in this world, if you are going to decide to go against the grain you must have a support group. It can be as simple as someone like Chrissy just encouraging you and seeing your inner beauty radiating to make your outer body just as beautiful! I remember visiting some cousins in Oregon one summer and I decided to go without makeup one day. One of my cousins came around the corner and jumped when she saw me so as to indicate that I was a freak without the face. We laughed and I said, "I'm not putting it on today. You'll just have to introduce me as the sheet." I had no support that day and felt naked and ashamed all day. Crazy! I felt ashamed of my own face showing through.

So often we just think that if we look a certain way that we'll have it made in life, but in reality if we act a certain way that is far more likely and I don't mean act badly. If you want a great career, work hard for it. Don't rely on looks. If you are in love with Justin Beiber and you were ever fortunate enough to get close to him, be yourself. If he doesn't appreciate your humor or artistic side or sporty athleticism or brainy rationale then he is probably a shallow punk not worthy of your attention. I can't tell you how much more fulfilling my life became when I finally took the plunge and decided to be comfortable as myself. I couldn't have done it without people like Chrissy or my fellow no makeup wearing family of friends.

So I hope this has given you a bit of food for thought. Next time I'll talk about the benefits of going makeup free and how you can radiate and glow in your new no makeup lifestyle.


  1. I would like to give up makeup but with having rosacea I need to cover the red skin that I have, other then that I love the idea.

  2. sweetybird09 I had a friend that had that. She started using extra virgin olive oil on her skin and the condition cleared up. She also quit using soap on her face. I'm sure you have tried everything though, but in the case you haven't tried this, I'm throwing it out there for you. I hope it clears up. My friend also wore no makeup. I wonder if makeup makes it worse? I don't think she got rosacea until after she gave up the goop. Nice to "meet" you!

  3. Hoorah for you! I too have gone make-up free for a number of years, since I realized it was pretty well a capitalist scam to profit from women's insecurities. The important thing is to feel beautiful in your own skin, not to cover up your insecurities. :) I wish you all the best in your continued make-up-free life. :)

  4. I keep makeup around for special occasions or when I just want to wear it, but even then it's really, really light (a bit of concealer under my eyes and a loose face powder, maybe a touch of eyeliner). I had to wear HUGE amounts of makeup as a kid since I did theater, and it was a pain, so I've never really felt like I needed to.