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Friday, April 1, 2011

Living the Dream!

Many of us in the soap making industry would love to open our own BBW type body shop. In fact many of us are gearing toward that and doing so by starting small and reinvesting all our proceeds until, one day, we have the right amount and launch. Well, I am unable to do this due to starting home schooling in the fall, assisting my work-from-home husband and let's not forget running an internet based soap shop.
So I guess you could say I am a bit envious of those able to do so, but not willing to trade my amazing life for one equally amazing.Caption: Stacie(L) and Me(R) )
That brings me to my friend Stacie, from Luster Canyon. I first heard of Stacie from my step dad. They work at the same company and Stacie had mentioned to him that she was making soap also when she found out that I was making soap. Small world. That was a couple of years ago and I actually met Stacie about a year ago when we both had booths at a local craft show. Since then I have watched from a distance, as Stacie built her business from the ground up. She first came to Prescott and opened a little nook at a local craft market. That took off and then the opportunity every soap maker dreams of came along. She found a great location at Bashford Courts, upstairs, right off the square in downtown Prescott. Right next to a booming restaurant called the Prescott Brewery. Stacie found a dream location to live her dream.
Her daughter Ashley, is the perfect employee and would do anything for her mom. Together, along with help from Stacie's dear husband, they have Caption: Stacie and Ashley
created Luster Canyon and Stacie has launched her dream career. I'm jealous a bit, but mostly incredibly happy for her. Seeing her live her dream and working so hard toward it should be inspiration for all soap makers and crafters the world over.
My purchase at Stacie's new shop.

They even carry sheets!

You can find Stacie at her Etsy shop, here, or if you are a local to Northern Arizona, visit the Prescott Square. Especially the upstairs portion of Bashford Courts, off of Gurley St. and get ready to slather on luxury. Kudos Stacie! May your endeavors thrive!

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  1. Thank you for coming in and sharing our story, you are so sweet and generous!!