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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day is Coming!!!

What would we do without our moms? None of us would be here for one thing and even if your circumstances are such that that's the only thing you are grateful for, well, that's something big! For the rest of us that have awesome moms that would bend over backwards and do anything for us, we owe them a big thank you.

Most moms just want to make sure we are happy and healthy and don't require a gift. Mine for one will and would complain with any gift she gets because she would not want me to waste my money on her. Well, someday that will have to change and she will have to accept my help. Until then all I can do is say THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!! You make my life better!

Some Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Evening Clutch by Biologyrose

What Mom doesn't need a Mom Mug.
Try this one by Misspottery

Check out this sweet Silverware Bracelet by MindyG

Soap! (of course) by Desert Soapstone
1940's Girl Handmade Soap
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