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Monday, May 18, 2009

Anne Marie explains color

Hey everyone in cyber world. Desert Soapstone just wanted to share a little about our color preference with our readers and buyers. We prefer the natural (as you see under our profile)colorants in our soap making. We are very concerned about anything that may be harmful to your health as well as our own. In this video you will see a demonstration and a little bit of info on the art of making soap. Thanks Anne Marie! But also we would like to point out that we use oxides, ultramarines and herbs for our colorants and never use FD&C colorants (not that these are entirely bad, but some don't like them)in our soap making. So if you are like us and prefer the natural over the unnatural, but still like to smell good, have a look at the video and see a little bit into our world.

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  1. Your soaps look delicious! Thanks for following my blog :)