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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arizona Camping

The Memorial Day Weekend was a great success in the sense of wilderness training. We set out for the camp experience on Friday, eager to get to the high desert, we packed everything from the coffee pot (we didn't have a percolator) to the umbrella, but we forgot panchos and enough tarps to cover our tents let alone underline them. Hoping for good weather, we set off, only to find a rainstorm looming on the horizon. We forged ahead only to be soaked in the night with monsoon like rain that drenched our tent and all that inhabited it. That was Friday and Friday night, but to our great excitement and surprise that was the beginning of a great weekend. The dry Arizona air quickly dried all our bedding and matress pads as well as our tent. The rain cooled the temps enough to require a nice camp fire each night until we set home Monday afternoon. The rain also enabled us to have a fire in the camp. You can't have s'mores without fire and camping without s'mores is just not complete. Attached are the beautiful flowers my daughter and hubby picked for me by the lake. Hopefully time lends to more camping in the coming months as this was a great start to what looks to be a great summer!

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