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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tenth Street Saks: An Upscale Oasis

Recently my coin purse I bought from Desert Dancer in Cottonwood, Arizona broke. Desert Dancer is a perfume, soap, candle, everything shop that I grew up visiting as a child. I loved my coin purse and had it for years. It reminded me of my youth. I remember that I paid around $6USD for it and was hoping to go back over to Cottonwood soon to get another one. Then I remembered I made the Handmade Pledge on Etsy.com and decided to make my purchase from an Etsian. As you know, if you are an internet shopper, sometimes what you get is great quality and you always go back. Other times what you end up with would be better off buried in your garden than anywhere near you. Well I decided to step out and order from a company I was not familiar with. The above is what I purchased. I have to admit, I expected a cheaply made, very hard-to-fit-anything-in pouch, but for $6.75 what did I expect? Let me be corrected right now. When I got my package from Tenth Street Saks, it was inexpensively mailed. This is important to me when I order online. I hate it when I order something and the thing inside comes in ten layers of fluff that I had to pay for. Kudos to Tenth on their mailing technique. So I open the envelope and inside I find this soft suede like, but smooth like leather, easy to open, perfectly sized for my cards, cash and change, coin purse that I can easily hook to my belt if I don't feel like carrying around my purse. For $6.75 (and that included shipping) I got an American made replacement for my long loved and much used simple coin purse that I think was made in South America. Way to go Tenth Street Saks. I hope your business takes off and I see your stuff in shops like Desert Dancer around the world.

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  1. Hi ~ Thanks for visiting my blog and the wonderful compliment! Your blog looks beautiful, and it's great that you are buying handmade things from etsy sellers.